[13 June 2024]

Take part in the UK Net Zero Business Census

The UK Business Climate Hub, in partnership with PlanetMark, has launched a Net Zero Business Census.

The Purpose of the census will help understand how much progress UK businesses have made on getting to net zero and provide invaluable insights into the nation’s net zero journey for policy makers, investors and business leaders.

The census comes as a follow on from Aura’s trailblazing Future Net Zero Survey, which received a high number of business responses from across the region. The Humber’s chief Future Net Zero study provided an insightful overview of how prepared Humber SMEs are for the transition to Net Zero and found that 80% of businesses agree that they have a responsibility to take care of the environment.

If you have not read the report yet it can be downloaded here

The UK Business Climate Hub census aims to establish;

  • how UK businesses are progressing with net zero targets
  • how many businesses are measuring their carbon footprint
  • the actions businesses are taking to reduce this footprint
  • a regional, sector and business size breakdown of the data

The census is open to all UK-based businesses of any size or industry, including those who have not yet planned to take action to reduce their carbon emissions.

Your participation will contribute to a clearer understanding of:

  • where we are now
  • where we need more support to tackle climate change

The survey is quick and simple to do with 10 multiple-choice questions in approximately 7 minutes.

Take the census