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The Festival of Green Innovation 2023: an unforgettable celebration

The only green festival of its kind in the UK returned for a third year in March 2023.

This year, festivalgoers were immersed in a series of escape room-esque challenges – collaborating together to tackle the Low-carbon Labyrinth.

An event to remember, the Festival of Green Innovation ’23 shone a light on the region’s green achievements and the lasting legacy SMEs like yours have helped create.

Missed out on the celebration? Watch the official Festival of Green Innovation 2023 film.


The UK’s only Festival of Green Innovation

In 2022, we welcomed guests to the Aura Innovation Centre to experience an in-person, low-carbon event like no other – but don’t worry if you missed out…

Watch how the Humber’s Net Zero Centre is the place for accelerating low-carbon innovation, see how we’re celebrating the Humber’s progress in low-carbon technology in mitigating the impacts of climate change because without you, our innovating Humber SMEs; none of this could happen.



Established in 2021, the Festival of Green Innovation (FOGI for short) was created to celebrate SMEs in the low-carbon innovation space within the Humber region and beyond.

Creating a lasting legacy, the festival sets out to celebrate how SMEs are leading the way and helping position the Humber as a world-leader in low-carbon Innovation.


Digital, disruptive, innovative: FOGI 2021

A bold vision. A lasting legacy. An attempt to do something that breaks the mold, at a time when the world needed fresh thinking and new solutions.

The first ever Festival of Green Innovation met Covid head-on and was broadcast online to a huge audience across the world. Hosted by Kofi Smiles, FOGI showcased how the Aura and University network of enterprise and innovation brands are supporting low-carbon business innovation, and working with the region’s SMEs to build low-carbon capacity, reducing their carbon footprint to meet the greening of the supply chain through efficient and effective solutions.

Check out the launch event

What we achieved at FOGI 2021