As we progress towards 2030, we will see a dramatic increase in the demand for skills in the offshore wind sector. With a projected 27,000 more people needed to support the target of 40GW of clean electricity, we must attract talented, creative and inspired people to meet these ambitions.
Aura and the University of Hull are investing to provide educational and training opportunities to create a strong and diverse workforce to benefit the Humber and beyond.


Here at Aura, we gathered vital intelligence on the future skills and labour required by the sector and key challenges it is likely to face. From the continued competition for talent, attracting skilled workers to meet industry demand and adapting to an uncertain future, we’re already working with partner universities, world leaders in renewable energy and others to deliver a number of innovative pathways to overcome these challenges head-on.

By attracting the brightest minds, making higher education more accessible, creating collaborative opportunities and developing industry-specific programmes to equip people with the critical skills and knowledge needed to continue the success of the offshore wind sector.

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Siemens Gamesa Degree Apprenticeship

10,200 more technicians and engineers are needed by 2032. This unique programme aims to develop skills needed within the industry and is the first of its kind in the UK.

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