From developing the world’s largest offshore windfarm, to evolving some of the most powerful turbines, the UK is a world leader in Offshore Wind and the Humber plays a key role delivering and enhancing this position.

By 2030, the UK government aims to produce 40GW of offshore wind energy in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050 – the Humber has a 7.7GW growth potential, meaning our region could produce around 20% of the total target for the country.


The growth of the renewables sector and the UK’s success in offshore wind is underpinned by sophisticated infrastructure capability. Together with the University of Hull and our partners, we’re ensuring the region can work collaboratively to meet these ambitious targets and keep the UK at the forefront of renewable energy.

The £12m Aura Innovation Centre (AIC) is a strong legacy of the Green Port Growth Programme. We provide easy access to applied research and development facilities and expertise, specialist advice and funding support all under one roof. The AIC aims to continue building a strong supply chain for the renewables and low-carbon sectors, boosting economic growth and job prospects.

We foster a culture of innovation through collaboration in the Humber region by providing powerful R&D facilities at the University of Hull and creating an open, cooperative environment – all contributing to the UK’s Energy Estuary, an advanced offshore wind cluster in the UK. And, now the UK Government and countries across the world are looking to the Humber as a flagship region for the industry.


Find out how Aura is contributing to building incredible infrastructures to support a future of reliable, affordable, clean energy.

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