With a £7bn spending commitment, the UK government has set ambitious research and development growth plans to drive innovation and reduce costs through efficiencies in offshore wind energy. Together, with our partners we’ve developed a strong track record of providing solutions to overcome the challenges the sector faces - from technical and operational to economic and societal.


At Aura, we believe that collaboration is the key to pioneering innovation and growth of a strong and robust supply chain to serve the offshore wind and wider low-carbon sectors. That’s why we’ve got a strong track record of working closely with others to deliver outstanding innovation.
By facilitating the uptake of new and evolving technology and research, we’re securing the Humber’s position as a key player in the UK’s offshore wind sector and beyond. Our history of working with partner universities, research institutions and many different businesses has already delivered game-changing academic research and knowledge exchange.

Through the EPSRC’s powerful research funding programme and strong regional partnerships, we’re driving innovation in the supply chain. By creating the Offshore Wind Library, we’re delivering a state-of-art online platform to make expert knowledge accessible to industry through a digital platform which can be accessed easily and efficiently ensuring that our members are ahead of the competition and through investment in the O&M Centre of Excellence, we’re reducing costs in offshore wind energy through innovation.


Read about how our pioneering projects are shaping the future of offshore wind and low-carbon energy.

Case Study – Offshore Wind Library

Creating an innovative tool to support growth in the UK offshore wind sector.

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