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What kind of support is available?

We have a wide and varied range of support for businesses looking to accelerate low-carbon innovation projects. From shaping and defining your innovation to accessing specialist funded support, we bring together the skills and knowledge needed to accelerate your ambitions – all under one roof.

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Is there funding available?

If you have a concept that will drive your business into a greener future, no matter how big or small then please get in touch. We can point you in the direction of relevant funding streams and facilitate new relationships to get your green innovations off the ground.

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What facilities are on offer?

Use our adaptable workshop, home to specialist equipment, high spec tools and machinery to put your ideas to the test and help accelerate your innovation projects.

The AIC is also home to impressive, modern and technology-rich conference and events spaces, meeting room facilities and workspace.

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How can I use the AIC facilities?

Whether you want to host your next event at the AIC, or you’d like to enquire about how you can utilise our specialist workshop equipment.

Simply speak to the team to see how we can help.