InventX Demonstration Series – July 2021

Discover how your business can make your low-carbon and flood resilience innovation ambitions a reality at the Aura Innovation Centre (AIC). This July, you’re invited to join us for an exciting webinar on the development and application of Printed Circuit Boards delivered in partnership with the Flood Innovation Centre (FIC).  This event is part of our new live demonstration series showcasing the facilities, expertise and services of the AIC.

What’s on offer?

Did you know we have the facilities and expertise to develop and manufacture multilayer printed circuit boards (PCBs) to use in your innovative hi-tech devices? In this month’s webinar you will gain insight into our cutting-edge equipment for developing and manufacturing in-house laser-milled circuit boards, custom PCB prototyping and making professional quality multi-layer PCBs.

With our support, businesses can produce their own circuit boards quickly to accelerate the design process and turn-around of design iterations. We can provide custom boards on different materials, all produced in-house, so no reliance on overseas services with high air miles. And multi-layered boards can be created, allowing for overall reduction in product size.

Flood Innovation Centre Technology Research Manager, Chun Keat Yew will demonstrate how this technology can be used to implement flood risk protection and rehabilitation in equipment including bespoke water level and velocity sensors, humidity probes, and its application to other automated flood protection products.

Who should attend?

Ambitious SME owners, MDs, Directors and Managers who are looking for new and creative ways to apply use PCBs in their products and services, especially those interested in applying new technology to the growing flood resilience sector.

Why should you attend?

  • You want to know about state-of-art equipment for PCB manufacturing,
  • You already have a product in development which requires prototyping and testing,
  • You want to tap into the University’s expertise, or
  • Want to explore the facilities available to your business.

Printed Circuit Boards
20 July, 11:30am – 12:00pm

Take your business’ products to the next level with our cutting-edge equipment covering all PCB prototyping stages from design, through cutting to quality testing, and learn how the technology may be applied to products in the fast-growing flood resilience market.

Our demonstration will include Laser-etching, -cutting and -drilling to produce high-performance double-sided PCBs, making multilayer electronic circuits with through-hole plating/galvanic machine combined with bench-top hydraulic press. We also have in-house access to high-precision surface mount technology to provide quick turnaround prototyping in the lab.

Find out about our extensive support services – together, the Aura and Flood Innovation Centres can help you enhance your business competitiveness through our comprehensive expertise and advanced technological capabilities.

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Sept 2021 – AR/VR