As the momentum of the Net Zero campaign increases in the run up to COP26 and beyond, the need to ‘demonstrate green credentials’ to customers, buyers, employees and others is becoming a necessity. We all want to know what that means in practice to our businesses and organisations, our procurement processes, our activities, our customers and to us as individuals.

Join us in – large or small organisations and business – as we deliver this event in partnership with Gateway Procurement and East Riding of Yorkshire Council, at the Waterline Summit 2021. Hear from experts in supply chain management, procurement and innovation to discover how we can work together to help each other to Move to Green in the Humber.

Delivered in partnership with East Riding of Yorkshire Council and Gateway Procurement. Hear from Sarah Clark, Aura, who will introduce moving to green and what it all means. Dawn Hall, East Riding Council, will be explaining how The Supply Chain Network can help your supply chain become more sustainable and put you ahead of the game in the tendering process and Daniel Usifoh from Gateway Procurement will give you an overview of greening the supply chain: the whys and the how’s. You will hear real life case studies from local businesses in different sectors and get the opportunity to have your say in our interactive breakout sessions.