Calling all young talent across the Humber region. The Young Talent Network and Marketing Humber have a personal development opportunity for you!

They’re back at BizWeek 2022 with a fantastic opportunity to help you learn how to build good connections for career success.

Not to be missed, this event will give you the tools and guidance to get out there and network fearlessly, and with direction.

“Networking” comes up a lot in conversation and is viewed as a key business skill, but what really is it and how do you become someone who seeks opportunities to connect?  This event will outline the benefits of building good connections both in person and online and why forming new and strengthening existing relationships will positively impact yourself and your career development.

It will help to build your confidence in your personal brand and teach you, step by step, the skills you need to make the most of all opportunities to meet, connect and have a lasting impact.

A benefit of being back in person, you will have the opportunity to practise what you have learned.

Book onto this event now.

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