InventX Demonstration Series – June 2021

Discover how your business can make your low-carbon innovation ambitions a reality at the Aura Innovation Centre (AIC). This June, you’re invited to join us for a webinar on Advanced Materials Testing, part of our new live demonstration series showcasing the facilities, expertise and services of the AIC.

What’s on offer?

Did you know we have the facilities and expertise to test and analyse raw materials and identify contaminants, and to improve the sustainability of your products? With our support you can gain a deeper understanding of the properties and potential of the materials you use in your production process.  This month’s webinar will feature practical examples of innovative materials, and demonstrate the importance of understanding both the purity and properties of different materials.

Who should attend?

Ambitious SME owners, MDs, Directors and Managers who are looking for new and creative ways to enhance their product development processes across all sectors.

Why should you attend?

  • You already have a product in development which requires future-proofing,
  • You want to understand the deficiencies in your current products,
  • You want to tap into the University’s expertise, or
  • Want to explore the facilities available to your business.

Advanced Materials Testing

29 June, 11:30am – 12:30pm

Explore the potential of a variety of specialist materials to enhance performance, improve sustainability, ensure greater cost-effectiveness and ultimately transform your success.

From durable coatings to boosting erosion resistance in wind-turbine blades and other carbon fibre components to low-carbon cement mixtures, we’ll show you how to test and analyse your materials to reduce your business’s CO2 emissions.

We’ll also demonstrate how detecting and eliminating contaminants such as microplastics can improve the quality and sustainability of your products.

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Coming Soon:

July 2021 – Printed Circuit Boards/Electronic Control Systems
Sept 2021 – AR/VR


Ellis Marshall | Technical Manager | Aura Innovation Centre