Hosted by Living with Water and the Flood Innovation Centre

Live workshop for Humber Business Week at the Aura Innovation Centre

Join us to find out how your business can play a part in Living with Water’s Blue-Green Vision for Hull and East Riding – a city-wide investment to manage our shared surface water flood risk.

Living with Water’s Blue-Green vision is to live with and embrace water in a green, decarbonised city that is healthy and easy to move around. It will involve creating several Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS). SuDS help to manage the surface water caused by rainfall by replacing some of the city’s hard grey surfaces with planted green space.  This increases how much rain water can be soaked up and decreases what runs off into the drains.

As well as reducing flood risk, SuDS can also help to improve Hull’s public spaces, reduce pollution, encourage nature and provide wellbeing benefits for communities.

The University of Hull’s Flood Innovation Centre will be on-hand to help your business to play your part and enjoy the rewards including:

  • Reduce the flood risk to your business premises
  • Get involved in developing, delivering and maintaining SuDS
  • Improve your place of work to benefit your employees
  • Improve your premises and local area for your customers and local communities
  • Achieve your sustainability/net zero/corporate social responsibility goals

This event is for any business, large or small based in Hull and the surrounding area and will include a networking lunch and a walking tour to see SuDS in action.

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Join us for lunch from 12.30pm, or why not join the Aura Innovation Centre’s sister event “Climate Change? It’s not my business…” from 9.30am and enjoy a full day of finding out about steps to help protect your business against climate change?”