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There’s growing demand for everyday, all-terrain vehicles that can be used on farms, in fields, forests and open spaces. But the vast majority of quad and all-terrain vehicles are imported, and powered by petrol or diesel engines. Pulse EV are a Humber-based start-up who want to change that.

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Electric Dreams

Bren Taylor and Steve Slough created Pulse EV to fill a gap in the market for UK-produced, all-electric all-terrain vehicles.  But although they had the technical know-how and ambition to succeed, they needed space, facilities and funding to be able to achieve their vision.

They want to produce a range of electric utility and all-terrain vehicles that can be used by farmers, foresters, and in the leisure market.  These include an electric quad-bike style vehicle, a utility terrain vehicle, and a tracked vehicle, all of which are fully electric, and can be semi-autonomous or autonomous.To reach their goal, they needed to build and test a prototype.  To do this, they would need somewhere they could store and work on their vehicle, with access to cutting-edge equipment and expertise.  The Aura Innovation Centre sounds like the perfect place to start.



Mr Brian Houston
University of Hull


Leading the charge

Pulse EV moved into the AIC’s InventX innovation space, where the could build, test and refine their vehicle prototypes.  With access to InventX’s technology, and the advice and guidance of InventX experts, the Pulse EV team were able to rapidly test and prototype parts for their vehicles.  For example, when testing parts for an armrest for the vehicle, the InventX team were able to use computer aided design and 3D printing to make a bespoke part for the vehicle, enabling rapid turnaround times.

The AIC team were also able to signpost Pulse EV to funding support, enabling them to get a grant to help develop the vehicles from the SparkFund programme.


Powering Up

Pulse EV now have two fully-functioning prototype vehicles, which they’re able to demonstrate to investors and potential funders.  These are plug-in tracked vehicles, with their own Modular Electric Drive System, which can be driven by a joystick, remotely via the Pulse EV app, or autonomously via GPS.

Through the contacts they have made at the AIC, they’ve now secured their first two vehicle sales, to a local agricultural college.  Pulse EV have now taken further space in InventX to produce the vehicles for their first two orders, and are actively seeking more sales.

Bren Taylor of Pulse EV said: “The Aura Innovation Centre has been essential to Pulse EV’s success.  The advice and expertise from the InventX team has really helped us to make our dream a reality, and the contacts we’ve made through working at the AIC have led us to our first sales.  The AIC team have helped us achieve things we never would have been able to alone, and we’re looking forward to taking our company onwards and upwards.”

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