[19 February 2024]

Aura Innovation Centre welcomes Mariupol State University

The Aura Innovation Centre was proud to welcome delegates from Mariupol State University last week as part of their three day visit to the University of Hull campus.

The University of Hull is proud of the strong partnership forged with Mariupol State University, since twinning with them in June 2022.

Undoubtedly, the University has encountered, and still faces, substantial challenges. However, MSU persists in its unwavering commitment to delivering education and learning for the next generation. 

Professor Dave Petley, Vice-Chancellor, said: “Since our twinning agreement was established in June 2022, the University of Hull has a strong partnership with Mariupol State University. It has been our privilege to provide support during these difficult times by collaborating in student projects, teaching best-practice, and research. We are now looking further into the future to develop our partnership and to bring our discussions and new exciting plans we have for teaching and research to fruition.” 

The University’s continuing partnership with MSU will bring academics, students, and professional staff together in a range of projects. This includes research into education, post-war recovery, environmental science, business and law. The University will bring students together to enhance their education and to learn from each other. And professional staff will meet to share expertise in research support, teaching excellence, and internationalisation. 

During the visit the delegates met with Dr Andrew Jackson (Executive Director of Research, Knowledge Exchange and Commercialisation), Emma Calverley (Director of Knowledge Exchange) and Andy Parkinson (CEO Lampada) to continue the discussion on civic engagement and knowledge exchange. The delegates received a tour of the centre’s innovation space, InventX to find out more about the research and development opportunities and facilities available in the low carbon sector.

The cities of Hull and Mariupol have important historic parallels. Both are industrial port cities, and both have suffered devastation through war. The University’s intend to learn from each other about the key role that strong universities can play in rebuilding cities and working with populations traumatised by conflict. The Aura Innovation centre will continue play a key role in the ongoing partnership through sharing experience in decarbonisation of industry, entrepreneurship, the nature of freedom, and the civic role of universities.