[30 June 2022]

Active Humber celebrate one year at the AIC

This June, Active Humber are celebrating one year of working at the Aura Innovation Centre.

Active Humber is a charity and Active Partnership, striving to make the Humber a place where everyone, every day is physically active for themselves, their community and the planet.

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing the Humber as a place, and Active Humber know they need to play their part.

The Humber is also the second most inactive place in England and sedentary behaviours directly contribute to carbon emissions.

The pandemic made Active Humber think about how they work as an organisation and with their partners, and if they could do that in a more carbon friendly way.

They decided to move to a more hybrid and green way of working by closing their permanent office, but they still needed a place where once a week they could meet in person as a team and with their partners.  They wanted to do that in a building that was green and environmentally friendly and geographically easy to get to for their partners.

The Aura Innovation Centre is the perfect solution, with its blend of meeting spaces, its access to the Humber as an area and the great people working there to support them.

During the last year, Active Humber have flourished as a team in their new once-a-week environment, and made lots of new connections that benefit their business to get the most inactive, active.

It has proven a great place to meet with others and do that in a green way.

One year on and they look forward to continuing to reduce their carbon footprint and make the connections to get more people physically active.

Sarah Clark, Operations Manager for the Aura Innovation Centre, said: “We’re really glad that Active Humber have found a home with us.  We know sustainability is really important to them, so it’s great that we can play our part in supporting their commitment to reducing their carbon footprint by providing them with space to meet, network and make new contacts.  Lots of businesses are now moving from dedicated office space to coworking and shared space, and Active Humber have shown that this can help your organisation thrive.”

David Gent, CEO of Active Humber, said: “We wish the Humber to be a place where everyone, every day is physically active for themselves, their community and the planet. The Aura Innovation Centre over the last year has become our place to meet as a team, develop our work with partners, make new contacts, and encourage us as a charity to develop the way we deliver our services through coworking and codesign, whilst supporting our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint.  The partnership with the AIC has really helped us as an organisation to thrive.”

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